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Back in 1962 a young Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker and an equally young Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan, who were just Ed and Chuck in those days, filmed a series of, what is believed to be, the first training films on the subject of Kenpo ever produced. These films were created primarily to show Ed Parker and his system of Kenpo in motion. Something that, through the fifties and into the early sixties, had not been seen by many people. The films did exactly what they were intended to do, at the time, and were eventually retired. Years later, they became a collectors item, for those who were fortunate enough to have purchased them during that period.

Recently, Ed Parker Jr. and Chuck Sullivan got together to view those films. They each have a lot to say about the times and content of that rare footage and about the founder of the American Kenpo system, Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, each from a different perspective. Their conversation and reactions were video taped and have been edited together with the vintage film into this fifty three minute production. The 8mm film shows Kenpo in its infancy and where the system began. You’ll recognize all of the basics and several of the techniques, many of which are the stem core of today’s techniques. Because the films were transferred to video some years back they have remained in remarkably good condition and very little has been lost between what they were when they were produced and what they are today. These were truly the Golden Years of Kenpo and if you weren’t lucky enough to have been there, you can relive it through this video. Enjoy!