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 Time certainly has a way of erasing certain memories. I really wish I could remember how long it took Ed Parker to teach me the Staff Set, but try as I may, I just can’t remember a time frame. It seems now like it didn’t take any time at all, it’s like he just showed it to me once and I had it. Yeah, right! We all know it didn’t happen that way, but I just don’t remember how long it really did take. I wish I could remember because when I teach the Staff Set it takes a long time. I have tried teaching it at a seminar and didn’t even come close to finishing it, and it isn’t really that long a form. Every time I have taught it over the past few years, be it here at our regular workouts, to an individual student or at a seminar I have been asked the same question, “Do you have this on video?” Up until now the answer has been “no” and I started feeling guilty because I knew it should be on video so it got put on to the list of things to do. Well, it finally got done. So now there is a video on the subject and if you have ever wanted to learn the Classical Kenpo Staff Set, here is your chance. Now you can learn it at your own pace and there isn’t even a test. We would love to see how well you have learned from video and look forward to seeing you do it at one of our seminars.

From the DVD you will learn each of the individual elements that make up the Set, as a drill, then we will put the pieces together, with the transitions, transforming it into the final Set. At the end of the DVD you will see it as it was originally done back in 1962 when I performed it as Mr. Parker filmed it. Which is the beauty of this particular Set, it can’t be changed, because the film tells the story and it’s here forever in its original state.