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The Karate Connection began as a Dojo in 1980. It has since evolved into an International Interactive Video Home Study Program. The System taught is Kenpo Karate, a Chinese Style, which since its introduction to the United States by Ed Parker, is often referred to as American Kenpo.

  Promotions from beginner to Black Belt as well as Certified Instructor are made through Video Testing. The student sends a performance on video for each test for rank. The video tests are reviewed and evaluated, then returned with a video lesson specifically tailored to the student's needs and goals. 

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book about Kenpo karate the Past the Present etc and the grandmasters of Kenpo Karate and the Who's who and who did what to make Kenpo Karate the Best Martial Art on the Planet! Everything you Need or ever wanted to know about kenpo Karate 

The Journey
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Is the most comprehensive book ever written on American Kenpo Practitioners. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this book is a must for any martial arts enthusiast. The Journey details the history of the most prominent American Kenpoists. You will be amazed with the personal stories of such greats like; Senior Grand Master Chuck Sullivan, Founder of the BKF Steve (Sanders) Mohammed and 9th dan Vic LeRoux. Just to name a few. Don't wait another minute get a personal copy signed by Chuck Sullivan and Vic LeRoux just click on the book to the right to order yours today!

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